General Data - About Others & Our Body Wrap

Body Wraps in General

  Today Body wraps are a spa procedure presented to the public as alternatives to address detoxification, hydration, and slimming. 

  Body wraps are in fact ancient and have common practice for many years, dating all the way back to the pharaohs’ Egypt, and ancient Greece and Rome.

  Amongst the claims that some Body Wraps have is to be a therapy that can detoxify and heal the body, remove excess fat and fluid from tissues, restore minerals, reduce joint pain, tighten and tone the skin, and nourish and soften the skin.

Full He and She Herbal Body Wrap

About Our Body Wrap

  Our Herbal and Mineral Base Body Wrap makes no claims addressing weight management, slenderizing based on the herbs in the formula or treat any health issues.

  Our Herbal and Mineral Base Body Wrap is a purely cosmetic topical procedure designed to beautify the skin, our procedure will help clean and tone the skin and by doing this the skin and immediate under layers can respond more effectively to the professionally applied bandages with just the right pressure allowing some molding and shaping of the body silhouette.

  The effects as noticeable as they are will be temporary and will last just a few days or could even last weeks if the person maintains a healthy diet and a continuous exercise routine.  

Look and Feel Great

  We want you to be completely happy with our product and service. Your experience from order to delivery and then using our product is our main concern. One of our strategies is to apply rigorous quality control protocols before our products reach you If you have questions about our products, use, delivery, or shipping, please get in touch!

  We want you to have an extraordinary experience with your herbal and mineral body wrap. By providing support to help you have a superb well toned and beautiful skin we wish that you also feel great and at your best.

Herbal Liquid Extract and Mineral Powder Base

A Little About Us

Novaceuticals, natural products.

  The Herbal Extracts and Mineral Powder Base Full Body Wrap is a topical cosmetic product developed by Novaceuticals, LLC. 

  This product is designed to assist our largest organ, the skin in its normal healthy functions as a selective barrier and as a via to remove elements that our body does not need. 

  After using this product the skin appears tonified and shows a beautiful and natural healthy shine.

The Herbal Extract

Herbal Extract Soaking Solution

  Our Body Wrap Herbal Extract Formula is made using a dozen different herbs and a proprietary oil complex compatible with our skin rate of exchange. This is used as part of a soaking solution that mixed with the Mineral Powder Base will tone and support proper exchange of nurturing elements through the skin.

The Mineral Powder Base

Minerl Powder Base, 1 lb. bag

  Our Body Wrap is supported with a mineral powder base that facilitates the exchange of the components of the liquid herbal extracts into the out layers of the dermis and favors the exchange of skin nutrients and emollients with body waste lodged in the skin.

The Ingredients

Purest natural, organic, non GMO ingredients

  Quality should never be a compromise. From the selection of the most credited sources for raw materials and the purest natural, organic, non-GMO ingredients to the strictest production protocols in FDA approved facilities we look into every aspect that makes us rise as a high quality top of the line effective product and bring it to you so you can feel and look great.

Strictest Product Quality Control

Strict Quality Control Protocols, FDA approved

  Again we firmly believe that quality should never be a compromise and our products pass rigorous controls for potency and effectiveness so that when it reaches the consumer it is a safe products that yields excellent results.

Excelent Results

The Herbal Body Wrap helps temporarily sculpt the body

  The result of this thorough attention to all regulations, Good Manufacturing and Laboratory Practices as per Health Codes, safety protocols and all related details is a very high end product of excellent quality that is more likely to give you a ravishing experience that you would want to experience once and again.