How to Use

Bottle and bag/pouch for the Herbal Body Wrap

Product Description

  As described, the Herbal Body Wrap is a full body wrap compression procedure with a skin cosmetics purposes. The product is designed to be applied by trained professional in a properly set up environment as a spa or a beauty/health clinic.

  The product presentation is a combo of a 4 ounces glass amber bottle which contains a liquid formula and a one pound sealed bag/pouch of a mineral powder.

  The whole content of the pouch is to be poured in warm water until dissolved  and then add the full content of the bottle to produce the final mixture to be used in this Herbal Body Wrap.

2 gallon water warmer

1st Step. Dilution

  Pour the whole contents of the Body Wrap Powder Mix Soaking Solution bag in a warmer with 2 gallons of distilled, spring or filtered water and kept at 115 to 120  °F (46 to 49  °C) and stir to dissolve evenly.

  Pour the whole contents of the Body Wrap Herbal Extracts Soaking Solution bottle in the warmer and stir until it is evenly dissolved.

  Put enough ACE (All Cotton Elastic) bandages or a similar brand bandages to soak in the warmer. Each Ace bandage is usually 3 to 6" x 4.5 to 10 yards so to wrap the whole body of an average size person 15 to 20 bandages may be required. 

 Full Body Wrap

2nd Step. Wrap the Full Body

  An ACE bandage is an elastic bandage defined as a "stretchable bandage used to create localized pressure". It is this controlled pressure that helps sculpt a particular area, the application of even stable pressure in a properly delivered wrap must be done by a qualified and certified professional  aesthetician that has been fully trained on how to wrap.

  The bandage should be wrapped firmly but not too tightly. The tension of the bandage should produce a mostly even pressure all over the body with just the proper difference of tension according to the projected sculpting.

While in the wrap is best to do mild physical activity

3rd Step. Moving and Basting

 Once fully wrapped is best to walk in circles at moderate to vigorous pace or use a stationary exercise machine compatible with the limited range of movement due to the bandages. It is not necessary to do strenuous exercise. During this process the person must be kept warm by basting  him/her from the top down every 15 minutes with the prepared soaking solution from the heated warmer. The bandages should be maintained wet at all times.

 The  person must remain wrapped and exercising approximately 45 minutes to one hour and then the bandages can be removed.


Always consult your doctor

Before Hand

  Follow these bullet points closely to ensure that you safely get the best results every time,

  • Always consult your doctor before using this procedure or any similar product
  • The Herbal Body Wrap is to be applied by properly trained individuals that are proficient wrapping a full body as a cosmetic procedure and in a properly equipped setting as a spa or other beauty-health facility. 
  • It is advisable to take a warm shower before having this body wrap done on you.  Cleaning and scrubbing the skin before applying the wrap ensures that the wrap works best. 
  • It is best to disrobe before being wrapped since you will want the wrap to come in direct contact with the skin and clothes may prevent it from working as intended. Otherwise underclothes that wont block the soaking solution should be worn. Wearing disposable undergarment or undergarment that won't matter staining light yellow with the herbal extracts is advisable. 
  • In order to clean any residual sweat or soaking solution that may remain on the skin is best to take a warm shower after having this body wrap done .
  • Do not undergo more than one Herbal Extracts and Mineral Powder Base Full Body Wrap in one day. 
  • One can again have another Herbal Body Wrap when the effects of the previous one start to wear off. An Herbal Extracts and Mineral Powder Base  Full Body Wrap can be repeated every other day

Follow a Healthy Diat, Exercise and Hydrate

Healthy Diet, Exercise and Water Intake

  A well balanced diet that would supply the energy and nutrients to support an exercise routine that is slightly above our stamina threshold is the best road to a healthy fit body. Make sure to consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. 

  It is important to choose organic fresh food and avoid generally toxic foods with too many preservatives, colorants and other chemicals.

  Drinking water according to our body weight and activity is also a primal support in that direction. 

  A rule of thumb for estimating how much water to drink is to divide into 20 our weight in pounds and the result is the number of glasses of 8 ounces of water one should drink daily. It is very common that most  don't drink nearly half the amount of water they should to avoid dehydration. 

  A healthy diet, proper exercise and enough water intake may ensure a radically more noticeable effect of the Herbal Extracts Body Wrap.

Supplement your diet and support your health

Nutritional Supplements and Restful Sleep

  To minimize the impact of our toxic society on our health nowadays it has become necessary to incorporate nutritional supplements to our diets. Antioxidants and free radical scavengers are at the top of the list altogether with adrenal support adaptogens. 

  The presence of adrenal support adaptogens in our diet will propitiate a normal sleeping pattern hence allowing our bodies to function properly along the day.

  Most foods today lack micro nutrients and trace minerals which makes a supplement with those elements necessary as well. 

  Proper  nutritional supplements and enough restful sleep may ensure a  radically more noticeable effect of the Herbal Extracts Body Wrap.